Monica Lestari Paramita

I am a member of the Information Retrieval (IR) group at the University of Sheffield.

I am interested in investigating cross-lingual similarity in Wikipedia, including identifying the characteristics of similar/dissimilar Wikipedia documents, and how to identify them using lightweight features that do not require advanced translation resources. I am also interested in investigating users' information seeking behaviour and whether their interactions with an Information Retrieval system can indicate their perceived success of the system.

Work Experience

2018-current Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Information School, University of Sheffield

2017-2018 Research Associate in the Europeana DSI-3 project

2016-2017 Research Associate in the Europeana DSI-2 project

2014-2016 Research Associate in the SENSEI project

2012-2014 Research Associate in the TaaS project

2010-2012 Research Associate in the ACCURAT project

2008-2010 Research Intern in the Information Retrieval (IR) Group, University of Sheffield

2009 Organiser of ImageCLEF Photo Retrieval Task

2006-2007 Research Assistant in the Information Retrieval (IR) Group, University of Indonesia


2010-2019 PhD in Information Science, Information School, University of Sheffield

Thesis: "Language Independent Methods to Identify Cross-Lingual Similarity in Wikipedia", supervised by Prof. Paul Clough and Prof. Robert Gaizauskas.

2007-2008 MSc in Information Management, Department of Information Studies, University of Sheffield

Dissertation: "Implementation of Spatial Diversity Factor in Retrieving Geographically Distributed Result in a Context-Based Image Search Engine", supervised by Prof. Mark Sanderson.

2002-2006 BSc in Computer Science, Faculty of Computer Science, University of Indonesia

Dissertation: "Geographic Information Retrieval for Indonesian Documents", supervised by Dr. Mirna Adriani.